The RECOWA Episcopal Commission for Theology, Liturgy and Biblical Apostolate at its first committee meeting held in Abuja recently recommended to the Bishops in the West African region to encourage the reading and dissemination of magisterial documents, especially the papal encyclicals and exhortations.

The Commission observed that many pastors are becoming indifferent to the traditional task of pastoral care. It therefore advised that pastors be encouraged to engage ardently in the practice of catechetical teaching, the exercise of the Biblical Apostolate and the observance of the liturgical directives.

Making an observation on the abuses in relation to the Blessed Sacrament, the Commission drew the attention of priests to the regulations laid down by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

The Commission equally spoke on the phenomenon of proliferation of sects: “We are witnessing the proliferation of new Christian denominations; these realities require that each Episcopal conference gives to the pastoral agents the list of the Christian confessions whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic Church.”

Concerning the catechetical instruction of adult faithful, the Commission rightly remarked that “As lay people increasingly manifest a lack of doctrinal knowledge, it is advisable to initiate in the dioceses basic theological formation structures for the laity.”

The Episcopal Commission encouraged bishops to accompany the association of theologians, biblical apostolate and other disciplines more at the diocesan, national and at the regional levels in order to encourage them in their researches and formations.

Furthermore, the Commission remarked that: “Since most of the aberrations are products of ignorance, there is need to focus on the formation of future pastors (seminarians), especially on the profound meaning of the cross and the mystery of suffering.”

The Commission equally recommended that catechetical teaching should be encouraged in Catholic Schools for the transmission of the faith to the younger generations.

The RECOWA Episcopal Commission for Theology, Liturgy and Biblical Apostolate further enjoined the Bishops of the region to encourage translation projects of the bible to vernacular since it is a necessity for enculturation