The Correspondent of RECOWACERAO NEWS AGENCY, RECONA based in Accra, the capital city of Ghana has reported that the religious men and women in Ghana have warned ahead of Ghana’s 2024 Elections. They have recently Appealed for Prayers emphasizing that “The stakes are high”.

The 2024 general elections in Ghana will be different from any other polls the country has had in the past, members of the Conference of Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana (CMSR-Gh) have warned and appealed to the people of God in the West African country to embark on prayers for the country to undergo a peaceful poll.

In their new year message shared with ACI Africa and made available to RECOWACEAO NEWS AGENCY, RECONA on January 2, the Religious in Ghana note that the year 2024 “does not look like a normal election year” for the country.

“After 32 years of democratic rule, one would have expected an election year to be a normal year! Unfortunately, 2024 does not look like a normal election year for the stakes are higher than ever before,” the Religious said in a message that was signed by Fr. Paul Saa-Dade Ennin, the President of the Religious in Ghana. Ghanaians will go to the ballot on December 7 to elect the president and members of parliament.

Ghana’s opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) has settled on the country’s ex-president John Dramani Mahama as the party’s flag bearer in the 2024 elections. According to the Religious in Ghana, the return of a former president, among other factors, makes the country’s 2024 poll different.

“Between the return of a former president, the determination of a ruling party to break the 8 amid so many challenges and economic hardship and a yearning of a disillusioned population for genuine change, a better and prosperous Ghana, no one should deceive us that 2024 is going to be an election as usual,” the Religious said. They added, “This is why we call on all people of faith to pray fervently for Ghana throughout the year.”

“We call on all stakeholders – and we are all equal stakeholders in this entity called Ghana – to play their role in putting Ghana and its future first. We call on the Electoral Commission not only to be fair and neutral but must be seen to be a fair and neutral arbiter,” they said.

The members of CMSR-Gh also appealed to all peace entities in the country “to be bold and conscientious” for them to play a key role in safeguarding the peace that they say the country needs during the electioneering period. They also reminded the political parties, their followers, and all the candidates that “no one is bigger than Ghana.”

The politicians, the Religious in Ghana said, “should be circumspect in their utterances and in their actions as they go about their campaigns.”

“To the law enforcement agencies, no one is above the law,” the Religious said, and added, “You are paid by Ghana and the citizens of Ghana… Your loyalty is to Ghana and to the citizens of Ghana and not to a political party or a minister.”

“Ghana must come first. The protection of Ghanaian lives must be paramount. No one must lose his/her life because of elections,” they said. Their message to the citizens of Ghana is “This country belongs to us.”

“The ultimate power lies in our hands,” the Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana told the people of God in Ghana, and added, “We must be vigilant and wise to choose people we trust to govern us and deliver the peace and prosperity we yearn for.”

They cautioned voters against accepting to be “bought” by politicians, saying, “Enough of selling our votes for a pot of porridge or sardines…and then going about complaining when our birthright is taken from us. Let’s vote wisely and ensure our votes count!”

In their New Year message shared with our Correspondent, the Religious in Ghana have prayed for better leaders for the West African country.

“We ask God to enlighten our minds to choose leaders and candidates, filled with wisdom and honesty, with a spirit of service, humility, and respect for people. Persons who have a genuine love for our country Ghana,” they said, and added, “We also pray for ourselves, as citizens and voters, to use our rights and responsibilities in conscience and right judgment, and to foster peace and harmony in our society.”

“We entrust our church, our country, and our world to the prayers of Mary, our Mother, and to the protection of St. Joseph, our Guardian. May they help us to follow Jesus, our Lord who is the source of our hope and joy. May this season and the Year 2024 serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all,” they said.