In his highly anticipated autobiography titled “Life: My Story Through History,” Pope Francis addresses hot-button topics such as his intention not to resign despite internal and external pressure, as well as his defense of controversial decisions made during his pontificate.

In this work, the Holy Father reveals his belief that the Petrine ministry is “for life”, saying that he only plans to resign in the case of serious physical impairment. Despite the criticism and health problems he encountered during his eleven years as pontificate, he remains determined to continue his mission as long as his health allows it.

Pope Francis also acknowledges speculation about his succession, but warns against any form of speculation motivated by personal or media interests. He emphasizes that his goal is to continue to serve the Church in a pastoral and open manner, while remaining vigilant against critics who seek to denigrate his work and reforms.

Concerning the criticisms leveled against him, the Argentine pope admits having been hurt by those claiming that he is destroying the papacy. However, he says he is not discouraged by these attacks and is determined to pursue his vision of a more pastoral and less monarchical Church.

The autobiography also addresses the issue of blessing same-sex couples, a highly controversial decision made by the Vatican. Pope Francis defends the decision by emphasizing God’s universal love for all human beings, including sinners. He explains that although some have not implemented these guidelines, this does not call into question the doctrine of the Church.

Additionally, Pope Francis shares intimate details about his family life, education, and spiritual journey, highlighting the challenges and successes he has encountered throughout his ordained ministry.

According to the Vatican-based correspondent of RECOWACERAO NEWS AGENCY (RECONA), this autobiography promises to be a captivating read for those interested in the life and vision of Pope Francis, offering a unique insight into his commitment to the pontificate and his determination to guide the Church in modern times.

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