Catholic Bishops in Ghana are calling on the people of God in the West African nation to join them in manifesting unity through the fostering of good relationships with God, others, and nature. 

In their Pastoral Letter for Lent 2024, members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) say they find it regrettable that “there seems to be a loss of the sense of sin” in the world today.

“We should make a conscious effort to reconcile, to bring back to harmony, to heal the division and separation with God, our fellow human beings, and nature,” GCBC members say. The Lenten Season, they emphasize, “wants us to be sacraments of unity.”

In the Tuesday, February 13 pastoral letter, Catholic Bishops in Ghana decry individualism that the contemporary society promotes, saying it undermines the value of altruism.

“We are living in a world that encourages us to place our distinct cravings and goals first, even when satisfying those needs and yearnings comes at the expense of others,” they lament.

GCBC members give the example of sexuality, which they say has become “a means to control others and for individual satisfaction rather than a marital relationship and responsibility.”

“Lent affords us an opportunity beyond feeling morose for sin and petition for God’s mercy to reconcile with those who have caused us much pain and hurt and have betrayed, injured and wounded us,” they say in the letter that GCBC President, Bishop Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi of the country’s Diocese of Sunyani signed.

They emphasize the value of being reconciled with God, saying it has the ripple effect of having us engage in reconciliation with others.

“Reconciliation with God always causes us to have a ministry of reconciliation towards others,” the Catholic Church leaders say, and add, “We are to ask ourselves if the reconciling grace of God that has been lavished upon us is having a positive impact.”

GCBC members call upon the people of God under their pastoral care to “rekindle a reconciling attitude about one another by ending our wrangling, by forgiving one another, by seeking reunion with grace and not with pride.”

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