The ecclesiastical review of the year 2023 in Niger, as articulated by Mgr Laurent Lompo, the Archbishop of Niamey, reveals a remarkable vitality of the Church despite encountered challenges. In his address, he highlighted the significant events of this ecclesiastical year, emphasizing the opening of the 2023-2024 pastoral season at the Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours Cathedral in Niamey, with the central theme “As the Church, the Family of God, let us walk together for the transformation of our environment.”

Perfectly aligned with the ongoing synod on synodality until 2024, Mgr Lompo expressed the will of the Church-Family of God in Niamey to journey together to transform their environment, drawing inspiration from the values of the Gospel. He underscored the importance of this collective endeavor to become a living testimony of Christ’s love, especially in a predominantly Muslim country.

The archbishop emphasized the need for the training and engagement of the laity alongside the clergy to achieve this transformation. He expressed gratitude to God for allowing him to celebrate his silver jubilee in October, a celebration marked by a priestly ordination at the Cathedral of Niamey.

On the social and political front, Mgr Lompo addressed the challenging reality of the coup d’état in July 2023, overthrowing President Mohamed Bazoum. Faced with the difficult economic and social situation that ensued, he urged the Nigerien people to remain faithful to God, emphasizing that trust in Christ is essential to overcome challenges and combat terrorism that plagues the country.

On the eve of the last Sunday of Advent, Mgr Lompo extended wishes for peace in security, calling for fidelity to God in the hope of a better world despite widespread insecurity. He issued a call for unity between Christians and Muslims, emphasizing that this unity in fidelity could lead to victory for Niger.

Evoking the terrorist attacks that have plagued the country since 2013, Mgr Lompo emphasized the need for a robust democracy to ensure peace and social cohesion. He expressed hope that the new institutions established in 2024 would contribute to establishing a democratic climate, allowing Nigeriens to live in peace and security. Mgr Laurent Lompo’s prayer resonates as a call to hope and unity in fidelity to achieve the long-desired victory for Niger.